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Is Your Horse REALLY Relaxed? Are You?

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Mary Debono
Is Your Horse REALLY Relaxed? Are You?

You want your horse to be relaxed and responsive. But do you know if your horse TRULY is relaxed? Some horses appear relaxed, but they’re NOT.

You’ll learn why “relaxed readiness” is so important for your horse’s athletic ability – and your own. You’ll learn why relaxed muscles have more potential strength than muscles that are chronically tight.     

And you’ll find out that there are some easy things you can do with your horse that will help you BOTH get into a state of “relaxed readiness.”


Hello, and welcome to another episode of Easier Movement, Happier Horses. I'm Mary Debono. And I'm so glad you're here today. I'm going to share with you how you can use a sense of relaxation to improve not only your horses performance, but also your horses overall health, and very importantly to deepen the connection between you two, between you and your horse.

Okay. So let me give you an example to start...

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These Special Moves Can Help an Injured or Stressed Horse Recover


Slow, rhythmic movements can help an injured, stressed horse recover.

With my hands resting lightly on the bay mare’s rib cage, we simply breathed together for several minutes. Her breathing was shallow. And faster than normal. It was obvious that the horse was stressed. Very stressed.

The mare, whose name was Grace, had recently returned from a camping trip in the mountains. Three days of riding in rocky, mountainous terrain had taken their toll on the horse. She hadn’t been conditioned to handle that type of grueling work.


Her person, a well-meaning woman named Estelle, was distraught when she realized what she had “done” to her horse. Until they were out on the trail, Estelle didn’t realize that her fellow campers would be riding for several hours a day. For three days. On steep, rocky trails.

While riding with her fellow campers, Estelle had been caught up in the moment and probably wasn’t thinking clearly. The bay mare, wanting to stay...

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Don't Overlook This if You Want a Sound Horse

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Mary Debono
Don't Overlook This if You Want a Sound Horse

Hello, and welcome to Easier Movement, Happier Horses.  My name is Mary Debono, and I'm so glad you're here today. I'm going to share with you a really critical piece of the puzzle as far as keeping your horse sound for a lifetime. And it's not even just for your horse. This applies to you too. If you want to stay sound and active and,

and have lots of vitality and free easy movement, it's really important that you know about this thing. Okay. So I'm going to start by telling you a little story. Some time ago, I worked with a horse. His name was Finnegan. His person had called me. Her name is Jenny, and she was really worried about him. And she was actually really frustrated.

He ha he was a wonderful jumper. He had a lot of promise. You know, he got the best care, the best training, the best diet. I mean the best of everything. And he wasn't quite right in his right hind. And he was a bit off. He wasn't using it properly. And of course she had her vet out multiple times and they...

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Connect with Your Dog

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15-year-old Duffy and His Mom Grow Younger

The following is from a reader of Grow Young with Your Dog.

“I have a 15-year old terrier mix who was has very arthritic hips after a fall down a flight of stairs. His tail had been locked down close to his body and he walked with great difficulty. He often fell over because he was so unbalanced.


I have performed the exercises daily on my dog (and on me, as well) and am happy to report that Duffy gets better with each passing day. This morning he even ran down the hall with his tail in the air!


"I love that this book approaches healing by combining the mind, breath, muscles and nerves. The rhythmic movements trigger a response in the nervous system that opens a pathway to healing, helping the muscles re-learn how to move correctly again after months of compensating for pain.


There is nothing so fulfilling as hearing your pet breathe a heavy sigh when his muscles relax and release under the gentle touch of your hands. This book and Mary's methods are...

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Your Horse Has Habits Too - Here's How to Change Them


To get the FREE videos of Mary demonstrating the hands-on moves with a horse, go to MaryDebono.com/Horse.

Is your horse stiff to one side? Does your horse hollow her back or stand asymmetrically? Does he pin his ears when he tighten the girth?

In this episode, you'll learn how to identify and help change your horse's unhealthy habits of posture, movement and behavior.

You'll learn a gentle, effective way to enhance your horse's body awareness and help your horse release unhealthy habits of tensing muscles. This hands-on technique can also improve your "feel" and improve communication and connection between you and your horse. This is the first step in helping your horse experience more freedom and flexibility.  


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