The Power to Help Your Dog is in Your Hands (Rhythm Circles) #6

canine canine connection debono moves dogs improving movement and well-being neuroplasticity relaxation rhythm circles stress reduction Feb 07, 2024

In this episode of Easier Movement, Happier Dogs, I’m sharing a gentle, effective technique that can help your dog move in a more balanced, comfortable way as it promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

We’re going to dive into the world of "Rhythm Circles," a gentle hands-on technique that’s designed to enhance the connection between you and your canine companion. And also do so much more.  

I’ll explain how this unique approach communicates with the emotional part of your dog’s brain and can foster a deeper bond and increase resilience to stress. 

These circular movements are unique in that we use subtle variations in pressure, which is a key ingredient in helping your dog feel better and move with greater ease and comfort. 

But it's not just about your dog—by embracing this technique, you can experience mindfulness and presence, reducing your stress levels while fostering a deeper connection with your canine companion.  

And if you’d like free training to learn exactly how to use Rhythm Circles with your dog, please register for my friend Marilyn Mele’s FREE canine summit, featuring 20 top canine experts (including me, yay!).

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