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Develop a Healthy Core and More

In this online course, you'll learn innovative Feldenkrais® exercises to develop a strong, healthy core. No planks or sit-ups required! 

In our private Facebook group, Mary will personally provide valuable support to help you progress through this course. 


Online Private FeldenkraisĀ® for Equestrians

Are you frustrated that you don't ride as easily and confidently as you'd like? Help is here! With a private online session, Mary will coach you with personalized, mind-body Feldenkrais® exercises to address the cause of your riding and movement challenges. You'll get a video recording of your Zoom session.  


Workshops and Speaking Engagements

In "Horse and Human" workshops, Mary teaches participants a gentle, positive way to improve their movement and mindset so they can improve athletic performance, enhance confidence and partner joyfully with their horses.

šŸ’„ Ask about online Zoom options! šŸ’„


Canine Book and Video Programs

With Mary's award-winning, Amazon #1 best-seller, Grow Young with Your Dog, and her canine video program, Age-Proofing Your Dog, you can learn the skills to help your dog - and yourself - move in easier, healthier ways. Reduces stress and deepens your bond too. 

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Online Coaching to Improve Canine Comfort & Mobility

Thanks to the internet, Mary coaches people around the world! She'll mentor you on  improving your dog's comfort, mobility and resilience as you create a deeper connection. Get personalized help for your dog's unique situation. Video recording is included! 

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Online FeldenkraisĀ® Sessions for Dog Lovers

A great way to jump start your improvement! 

With your 1:1 Zoom session, Mary will help you get insights into your patterns so you can effortlessly improve your posture, flexibility and balance. Video recording is included!  

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Ready to feel better in body and mind? I'm just a click away!

No matter where you live, it's easy to work with me via private sessions online. 

You can also attend one of my horse and rider clinics and workshops that are offered throughout North America. 

A Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Certified NLP Practitioner, international clinician and bestselling, award-winning author of Grow Young with Your Dog, I have a proven track record of success with humans, horses and dogs.

My online course, Develop a Healthy Core and More has helped dozens of riders have more coordination, strength and balance in the saddle. Click the link to learn more and read what people are saying about the course.  

Questions? Please email me.  

I look forward to connecting with you!



Get the 3 Keys to Improving Mobility and Vitality

Help your animals - and yourself - live your best life with Mary's FREE masterclass. 

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Do you have a movement or mindset challenge? A riding difficulty? Do you want to know how Mary can help you?


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