EMHH 52: Secrets to Moving Effortlessly at Any Age

#equinemovement #horsemind #humanmovement aging debono moves feldenkrais injury Mar 16, 2023

Let's talk about how you - and your horse - can effortlessly improve your movement and well-being. Despite aging, injuries or even limiting beliefs!

Here's what you can learn in this episode: 

1. Keeping Mobility, Flexibility, Balance and Confidence Despite Aginng or Injury (or both!) Tips to Help (00:00 - 05:58)

2. Embracing Biological Optimism: Compounding Benefits of Attention and Movement (05:58 - 12:12)

3. Embracing Biological Optimism and Improving  Despite Age and Injury (12:12 - 18:21)

4. Enhancing Your Horse's Performance and Well-being by Improving YOUR Movement & Mindset  (18:22 - 24:43)

5. Discover How You and Your Horse Can Move with Ease:  Free Classes Now Available! (24:43 - 25:34)

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