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EMHH Episode 11: How Mistakes Improve Your Riding


Everyone makes mistakes, right? But it's HOW you make mistakes that determine if those errors help you reach your goals or hold you back.

In this episode, you'll learn how to harness your brain's ability to learn new skills.  You'll learn how to get better results. To effortlessly improve your movement. To become the horsewoman you'd like to be. 

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Thank you so much for being here. I can’t wait to talk with you again. Bye for now.

More FREE resources:

  • Feldenkrais® for Riders videos: ...
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EMHH Episode 21: Better Than Intuition


Wouldn’t it be great to ride and handle your horse with ease and natural feel? And to intuitively know how best to help your horse? In this episode, you’ll learn how tapping into your own body and mind can help you understand your horse more. We’ll dive into how you can develop the skill of “informed intuition.” It’s like intuition on steroids! And it’s a skill anyone can develop.

If you want my PERSONAL coaching so you can put this into practice to help your horse - and yourself - have more flexible, balanced, and confident movement, you're in luck! For a limited time, we're opening enrollment in our group coaching program, Move with Your Horse.

Click here to get all the details. 

(Doors close on April 12, 2022)

FREE resources:


Hello, and welcome to easier movement, happier horses today. I'm going to talk to you about something that is better than...

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EMHH Episode 20: How to Know What's Best for Your Horse


Do you ever disagree with what your trainer wants you to do with your horse - but you don't say anything? Do you ever feel that some horse training methods are harsh, but you don't know any other way?

How do you separate what you need to learn from what you don't want to do?  

In this episode, you'll learn how to tune into your physical and emotional sensations to guide you in making decisions to benefit you and your horse. And you'll learn why staying true to your unique values is essential to creating a joyful connection with your horse.
Want to get expert coaching on putting this into practice to help your horse - and yourself - have more flexible, balanced and confident movement?

Go to https://www.marydebono.com/joinhorse to join the waitlist for our online group coaching program, "Move With Your Horse."

You'll be among the first to know when we open our doors again. And you'll get special bonuses!

FREE resources:

  • Feldenkrais® for Riders...
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EMHH Episode 19: A Simple Way to Prepare Your Body and Mind for Riding


Preparing your body and mind - letting go of stress, anxiety, muscular tension and distracting thoughts - can help you be fully present with your horse. You'll communicate with your horse more clearly and be less likely to be side-tracked by negative thoughts and underlying tension. 

In this episode, I teach you a simple, yet powerful, approach that can help prepare your body and mind for riding. And it only takes a few minutes! Whether you're feeling stressed, anxious or tired (or all three!), this simple approach can help. And it doesn't require any equipment or cost any money.
It can help you relax your mind and energize your body. So you can have a more joyful time with your horse. 

I hope you enjoy the episode and give this simple, powerful approach a try. Thanks for listening and sharing!

Want to get expert coaching on putting this into practice to help your horse - and yourself - have more flexible, balanced and confident movement?

Go to...

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EMHH Episode 9: Imagine THIS to Effortlessly Improve Your Confidence


FREE resources:

Would you like to be a more confident, competent horsewoman?

There's a good chance that you do! After all, feeling anxious is one of the most - if not THE most - common equestrian problem that I hear about.

That's why in this episode, you'll learn 5 steps that'll help you become a more confident, skillful equestrian. You'll feel better - and so will your horse.

And it all starts with unlocking the power of your unconscious thoughts.

  1. Choose What to Focus On
  • What you focus on determines your results.
  • What do you currently believe about yourself as a horsewoman?
  • Will you focus on your anxiety? Or will you focus on what you WANT to experience?
  • What kind of horsewoman would you like to be?
  • What would you LIKE to believe about yourself?
  • ...
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EMHH Episode 5: Improve Your Confidence with a Simple Brain Hack


Do you get anxious when you ride?  Or suddenly feel nervous about cantering? Would you like to feel more confident and resourceful in your life?

In this episode, I'll walk you through a simple brain hack that can help you feel more confident in any area of your life. It's helped a lot of equestrians feel more competent and joyful with their horses. It can help you too!

 Click here to grab your handy cheat sheet PDF to anchor your confidence!  

Questions? please email [email protected].

I hope you join our FREE Facebook group, "Happy, Healthy Horsewomen."

I look forward to seeing you in the group!

xo, Mary

ps: Click here to grab your FREE cheat sheet to improve your confidence!

Full transcript of the podcast episode is below:

Hello, and welcome to Easier Movement, Happier Horses. I'm Mary Debono. And I'm so glad you're here today. We're going to talk about confidence or maybe the lack of confidence. So I have a simple brain hack for you that just...

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EMHH Episode 3: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Did you know that you have about 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts a DAY? And around 95% of those thoughts are unconscious? That means that you’re telling yourself the same things over and over again. And since most of that self-talk is negative and unhelpful, you’re programming yourself to fail. Yikes!

Using cutting-edge neuroscience, Mary will teach you how to stop that habitual thinking in its tracks. You’ll learn simple, fun ways to manage your mindset and control your thoughts. It's a powerful way to improve your confidence and competence. Listen to the episode so you can get your brain working FOR you!     

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EMHH Episode 1: You Have to Do This Before Your Horse Can Improve


Click here to get the FREE videos of Mary demonstrating the hands-on moves with horses.

My goal in this podcast is to help you discover how you and your horse could have balanced fluid movement or relaxed mind, and a joyful connection with each other.

And one of the ways that I do that I help people get there is to take every day routine things that they do, like leading their horse, grooming their horse, tacking up their horse, and do them in such a way that it actually stimulates more flexible, balanced movement.

It can undo past damage to body and mind. It could encourage relaxation and responsiveness can encourage and create a positive learning state and build trust in partnership because you're inviting your horse into the conversation.

Questions? please email [email protected].

I hope you join our FREE Facebook group, "Happy, Healthy Horsewomen."

I look forward to seeing you in the group!

xo, Mary

ps: Want my FREE video rider masterclass? Click here!

For a...

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The Strangest Reason to Sabotage Your Goals


I stared at the phone in my hand.

Did I hear that right?

"Excuse me, did you say, 'yogurt?' You can't come to your brother's memorial service because you have YOGURT?"


"Yeah, I did. You know how some people have animals? And some people have plants? Well, I have yogurt.

"And I can't leave it unattended. It's a starter culture."


This was either the lamest or the very BEST excuse I'd ever heard.


I was glad that Keith, the guy on the other end of the phone, couldn't see my expression.

I had called to invite him to his only sibling's memorial service.

But he wasn't coming. Apparently, he couldn't leave his yogurt.


Money wasn't the issue. I already told him I'd take care of his airfare and hotel.

The truth is, Keith had never really liked his brother.

They hadn't gotten along since they were teenagers.


Knowing all that, I still wanted them to reconcile.

Even though one had died.

I wanted Keith to think fondly of his deceased brother. To have some...

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From Oh Sh*t to Okay


Want to know how the Airedale recovered so quickly from carpal arthritis?

Curious how a yellow Lab returned to soundness after a devastating knee ligament injury?

Wondering how a 70-pound dog with debilitating spinal arthritis started running and playing again?   


They all had one thing in common.

I didn’t focus on their problems.


I left the problems to the veterinarians and other medical personnel.


Instead, I helped these dogs find new possibilities for easier movement.

They learned to use their bodies in new, more comfortable ways.

And they developed better body awareness and coordination.


And guess what happened…

The dogs’ problems went away!


When faced with a doggie dilemma, people often get stuck in a problem state.  

They’re so focused on the problem that it obscures their ability to see anything else.


Maybe you’ve done it too.

It’s perfectly understandable.


But focusing too...

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