Online Private Coaching for Horses & Humans

Are you stiff, crooked or have bad posture? Mary can tailor a Feldenkrais® lesson to address the unique cause of your riding or mobility challenges. Or we can focus on your horse, applying gentle hands-on "moves" chosen to improve equine body awareness, relaxation and performance. Prior knowledge of FeldenkraisⓇ or equine Debono Moves is recommended. Video replay included. 

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Age-Proofing Your Dog Video Program

Is your dog aging, injured or anxious? In this video program, you'll learn how to improve your dog's mobility, vitality, comfort and confidence. At any age! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.


Online Canine Coaching

Would you like Mary to personally help you apply the skills you learned from her book or video program? You'll even get a video recording of your online session with Mary. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION.