From Oh Sh*t to Okay

#humanmind canine dogs Aug 05, 2020

Want to know how the Airedale recovered so quickly from carpal arthritis?

Curious how a yellow Lab returned to soundness after a devastating knee ligament injury?

Wondering how a 70-pound dog with debilitating spinal arthritis started running and playing again?   


They all had one thing in common.

I didn’t focus on their problems.


I left the problems to the veterinarians and other medical personnel.


Instead, I helped these dogs find new possibilities for easier movement.

They learned to use their bodies in new, more comfortable ways.

And they developed better body awareness and coordination.


And guess what happened…

The dogs’ problems went away! 😀


When faced with a doggie dilemma, people often get stuck in a problem state.  

They’re so focused on the problem that it obscures their ability to see anything else.


Maybe you’ve done it too.

It’s perfectly understandable.


But focusing too narrowly on your dog’s problem can limit your ability to help your dog.


Not to mention that it can create a cycle of worry and stress.  😥

Stress that your dog picks up on.

And that’s not healthy for you or your dog.


That’s why, if faced with a problem, flip your thinking from focusing on your dog’s problem to focusing on new possibilities.

To bringing joy and optimism into the equation.

To thinking outside the box.


It’ll feel soooo much better to you.

And to your dog.


The short video above explains a brain hack you can use to upgrade your thinking to best help your dog.  💗🐶  


Thanks for watching and sharing. I appreciate you!


Xo, Mary

PS – To my skimmers: Although it may sound counter intuitive, focusing too narrowly on your dog’s problem can limit your ability to help your dog.

The short video at the top of this post explains a simple brain hack to expand your thinking. It’ll help your dog have more opportunities for living a healthy, active life. 💗🐶


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