Grow Young with Your Dog (book)

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Do you want your dog to enjoy the BEST life possible? 

 With this book, you and your dog can:

  • Move easier despite arthritis or other challenges
  • Heal completely from injuries or surgery
  • Deepen your bond 
  • Feel younger at any age

Access to online audio and video instruction is INCLUDED with your book purchase! 

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What People Are Saying:

Mary combines an amazing knowledge of anatomy, movement, structure, behavior combined with love, empathy and observation. Best of all she is articulate and a good communicator. This book will forever change how you view not only your dog, but all animals! It will forever change how you interact with your dog and all animals, including humans!

Tina Steward, DVM

A unique and fascinating book. Highly readable and full of illustrated, useful day-to-day information on how to keep both you and your best friend in optimum health. Mary Debono's method is revolutionary, combining exercises and hands-on therapy that encourages healing and recovery from surgery or illness as well as behavioral issues. Her mission is deepen the bond between people and their pets. A must for anyone seeking ways to stay young with your dog.

Sandy Johnson, author of The Pet Healer Project and Miracle Dogs

Thanks, Mary!! The book has been a life changer for me and Zoey!

Natalie Imrisek, Physical Therapist, Los Angeles, CA

I have a 15-year old terrier mix who was has very arthritic hips after a fall down a flight of stairs. His tail had been locked down close to his body and he walked with great difficulty. He often fell over because he was so unbalanced. "I have performed the exercises daily on my dog (and on me, as well) and am happy to report that Duffy gets better with each passing day. This morning he even ran down the hall with his tail in the air! "I love that this book approaches healing by combining the mind, breath, muscles and nerves. The rhythmic movements trigger a response in the nervous system that opens a pathway to healing, helping the muscles re-learn how to move correctly again after months of compensating for pain. There is nothing so fulfilling as hearing your pet breathe a heavy sigh when his muscles relax and release under the gentle touch of your hands. This book and Mary's methods are truly a gift of love.

Cheryl Sanborn, Los Angeles, CA

Mary Debono is a successful Feldenkrais practitioner who works with both humans and animals. She creatively applies the principles of the Feldenkrais Method to her work with dogs creating simple and powerful process that can improve your dog’s health and behavior. Mary carefully leads the reader through gentle exercises to improve their dog's functioning and to enrich the connection between the humans and their canine companions. Each chapter has engagingly written stories about Mary's impressive work with specific challenged animals. This is a fun and accessible hands-on book.

Elizabeth Beringer, Senior Feldenkrais Trainer and owner of Feldenkrais Resources

am a Feldenkrais Teacher and a Tellington Touch Practitioner and I have been surprised at how much I use and refer to this lovely, gentle, intelligent book. It is well organised, nicely illustrated and is a very useful introduction to the Feldenkrais Method and bodywork for dogs, even if you are new to both. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Julie Taylor-Browne, UK

This book is filled with heart-warming stories along with detailed descriptions and many photos of the techniques... The steps of all the exercises are clearly explained. How to Grow Young with Your Dog can benefit everyone from a beginner to a trained bodywork practitioner. I’ll certainly recommend it to my friends and clients.

Barbara Stender, M.Ed., Educator and Animal Practitioner