Inviting the Healer Within: Empowering Pets and Their People #14

#canine #debono moves Apr 01, 2024

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In this short episode, you'll be introduced to the inner healer. You have one and so does your dog. You'll learn about the role of the nervous system and the importance of collaboration between dogs and their guardians in facilitating improvements in mobility and well-being.

You'll hear how gentle hands-on work and movement lessons can remind your dog's nervous system of what is possible.

And since your well-being impacts your dog's well-being, I encourage you to invite your inner wisdom to play a bigger role in your life - and that of your dog's life.


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The book mentioned in this episode is The Pet Healer Project: Stories of the Healing Bond Between Humans and Animals, by Sandy Johnson.

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Hello and welcome to the Easier Movement, happier Dogs Podcast. I'm Mary Debono and I'm so glad you're here. Today's episode is going to be a pretty short one, but I think it'll be thought provoking. So a few years ago, I was super, super honored to be featured in a book called The Pet Healer Project. Here's the book right here by Sandy Johnson.

So if you're, if you're watching the video of this, you can see me holding up the book called The Pet Healer Project, and the author is Sandy Johnson, who unfortunately has since passed away. And I was really honored. There's some wonderful people in the book, including Dr. Karen Becker, Callan Coard, all kinds of wonderful people that work with animals. But it was interesting when Sandy first talked to me about being in the book,

'cause I started working with her dog Charlie, and she talks about that in the book. You know, this idea of being a healer, it doesn't sit well with me and I don't consider myself a healer, and that's what I wanna talk about today. I think we all have a healer within us, okay? And that's what's facilitating the improvements. And this is really a big distinction.

If you think that someone is healing your dog or yourself or something that, you know, you really give away the, your authority to that individual. Instead, what I like to do in my work is think about helping the person, the, you know, the human, the dog, the horse, whoever I'm working with, to have an inner healer,

an inner authority, and kind of helping to liberate that. And there are specific things I do. I mean, there are ways I work that helps, you know, the dog experienced life differently, feel differently. And what that does is that helps expand the sense of new possibilities for the dog. And I remind the dog through very, very gentle hands-on work,

how they could move, how they could feel, okay? But again, the, the change, the improvement is driven by the dog, but they their own nervous system, their healer within, if you will. So let me just read one little paragraph from this book. So, so what does she say here? Okay, this is, this is,

she's quoting me. So her dog at this point had, had just jumped into my lap and settled there while we were talking. And I say to me, the word healer implies that someone outside of ourselves has the power to heal us. I don't feel that way. I feel that I have some knowledge to impart in certain ways of using my hands,

that with small gentle mo movements encourage the muscles to move in new ways. I provide the environment for change, but it's the nervous system itself that makes the changes. My job is to remind the nervous system, human or animal, of what is possible the healer is within us. So with that, I just would like to invite you to, this is gonna sound funny.

I invite you to invite your healer within, right? To recognize that you and your dog and everyone has this innate bodily wisdom you have, if you will, a healer within yourself. So, you know, how can you liberate that for your dog? How can you help remind your dog that they have that? And, you know, different strategies,

I, I talk about in my own book, grow Young with Your Dog. Go into that. Maybe you know, the idea of using your hands in gentle ways to remind the dog's nervous system of what is possible. And this of course applies to yourself. That's why in my book we talk about, you know, the movement lessons for you as well.

Because when you feel better, that affects your dog. But also when you embody that change, when you can kind of wake up your own healer within, you're better able to facilitate that for your dog. Okay? So remember that, you know, this is not about having an outside authority, you know, do something to you. This is about a collaboration that when you do this kind of work,

you and your dog are collaborating. It's a co-creative approach. And you are just, you are just helping provide the environment to facilitate the improvements, but your dog actually makes the improvements. So let's think about that. So you can apply this to many other things. You know, think about are you, are you acknowledging your own inner authority? Or are you always subjected to outside forces that tell you what you should be doing and how you should act and all those kind of things,

you know? But do you have a sense of yourself as basically what I'm getting at and can you be true to that? So invite that sense to be more present. I'll put it that way. Invite your, your, your inner wisdom to have a bigger role in your life. And we can help our dogs do the same without the sense of someone imposing something on them,

but instead working with them to help improve their lives. So with that, I will let you go. Like I said, this was gonna just be a shorty this week, but thank you so much for being here. I so appreciate it and I look forward to talking to you again soon. Bye for now.