The Strangest Reason to Sabotage Your Goals

#humanmind #humanmovement feldenkrais method rider Oct 06, 2020
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I stared at the phone in my hand.

Did I hear that right?

"Excuse me, did you say, 'yogurt?' You can't come to your brother's memorial service because you have YOGURT?"


"Yeah, I did. You know how some people have animals? And some people have plants? Well, I have yogurt.

"And I can't leave it unattended. It's a starter culture."


This was either the lamest or the very BEST excuse I'd ever heard.


I was glad that Keith, the guy on the other end of the phone, couldn't see my expression.

I had called to invite him to his only sibling's memorial service.

But he wasn't coming. Apparently, he couldn't leave his yogurt.


Money wasn't the issue. I already told him I'd take care of his airfare and hotel.

The truth is, Keith had never really liked his brother.

They hadn't gotten along since they were teenagers.


Knowing all that, I still wanted them to reconcile.

Even though one had died.

I wanted Keith to think fondly of his deceased brother. To have some closure.

To feel better.


But Keith didn't REALLY want that.

Despite what he'd been telling me.

Despite what he'd been telling himself.


His crazy yogurt excuse finally helped me see that he wanted to stay stuck.

Stuck in his habit of feeling bad. Of not improving his life.

So, I let it go.



Although my conversation with Keith happened over a decade ago, his yogurt excuse continues to motivate me.


If I find myself saying I want to achieve a goal, but then I get "too busy" to actually do the work, I remind myself that it's as silly as using yogurt as an excuse.

And what about those times I mindlessly scroll social media when I told myself I'd be writing my next book?*

Yep. More yogurt!


Hey, we all do it sometimes.

And that's okay.


But if you find that you're not achieving your goals and dreams, ask yourself this question:

Do I unconsciously look for reasons, no matter how ludicrous, to sabotage myself?


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As a horse lover, you probably want that too.


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To your success,

xo, Mary

PS - If there was a Nobel Prize for The Most Inventive Excuse, Keith would be jetting off to Scandinavia to claim his winnings. Oh, wait. He wouldn't be able to. Because, you know. Yogurt.


Your yogurt can wait, but you and your horse deserve to feel good now! 💗🐴


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*I'm excited to get moving on my next book so I can share what I've learned over the many years I've been working with horses and riders. Here's the title.  The Dance of Hands, Hearts and Horses: How to Improve Athletic Performance, Enhance Confidence and Partner Joyfully with Your Horse

Like the title? Let me know!