EMHH Episode 6: The Value of Getting Started

Apr 03, 2022

You want to improve your balance, flexibility and confidence, right? And you want your horse to be supple, sound and relaxed too. But you're already pressed for time! How can you pack more into your day?

Well, my friend, I have you covered! Simply getting started by doing 10 - 15 minutes one or two days a week can begin to create the momentum of lasting improvement.

And I have FREE resources to get you started. Go to https://www.MaryDebono.com/Horse.

You'll get access to a hub of videos to teach you basic hands-on "moves" to help improve your horse, as well as Feldenkrais-inspired awareness exercises to improve your comfort, flexibility and balance too.

And my FREE rider masterclass has 3 short videos to help you improve even more. You can get those over at https://www.MaryDebono.com/rider.

Thanks so much for listening!

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I look forward to seeing you in the group! 

xo, Mary