EMHH Episode 17: How Small Steps Lead to Big Results

Apr 03, 2022

Whatever equestrian challenge you’re struggling with, you can take steps towards turning it into a positive. Into something that feels easy. Even fun.

Yes, even if it’s your tight hips, crooked position or stiff, “lazy” horse!

In this episode, I share how you can take just about anything that you consider a “problem,” whether it’s in your own body or in your horse’s performance, and take incremental steps towards turning it around.

Learn how easy it is to go from frustration to fun!

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Important safety reminder: Riding and handling horses are potentially dangerous activities. If you feel anxiety or fear, it may be warranted! Please don't do anything that can put you in danger. Educate yourself and seek the guidance of a qualified, positive trainer or medical professional as necessary. The information in this podcast is for general education/entertainment purposes only and is never intended as professional or medical advice.