EMHH Episode 14: How Your Hands Can Improve Your Horse's Mood

Apr 03, 2022

Does your horse interact with you because he HAS to? Wouldn't it be better if your horse CHOOSES to spend time with you?

There's a surprisingly simple hands-on movement that can help your horse feel calmer, more focused and WANT to interact with you.

In this episode, I'll tell you why this simple, gentle way of using your hands works so well to improve your horse's mood - and your own. In addition to the positive mood lift, it promotes a stronger, more heart-centered connection between you and your horse.

Your horse will feel better. And so will you!

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Important safety reminder: Riding and handling horses are potentially dangerous activities. If you feel anxiety or fear, it may be warranted! Please don't do anything that can put you in danger. Educate yourself and seek the guidance of a qualified, positive trainer or medical professional as necessary. The information in this podcast is for general education/entertainment purposes only and is never intended as professional or medical advice.