Need Confidence? Try This Hack Instead

#humanmind confidence equestrians Aug 03, 2020

“I wish I had more confidence when I ride.”

I hear that over and over.

Riders constantly wish they had more confidence in the saddle.



As if confidence were a trait that some people were born with, like green eyes.

Or something you could order on Amazon.

Want confidence? It’s available with Prime shipping. Get it by tomorrow evening! 😁



Well, I have good news.

You don’t need confidence to ride well. 

 πŸ’₯You need to feel resourceful.πŸ’₯



Feeling resourceful means that you have the *skills* to handle whatever challenges come up.

And those are skills you can learn.



So, let’s stop wishing for confidence.

Instead, focus on developing the movement and mindset skills to help you feel RESOURCEFUL with your horse. 🐴


For example…


When you have a balanced, secure seat on your horse, your feelings of safety will increase.

And you’ll be more likely to stay with your horse if he makes a sudden move.   



That’s a skill you can learn.

It’s not something you have. Or don’t have.

πŸ’₯ It’s a movement resource you can develop. πŸ’₯



Your mindset is another important piece.    

Focusing on what a bad rider you are, or what scary thing may happen next keeps you stuck in a fearful, unresourceful state. πŸ˜₯



But when have useful thoughts and images inside your head, you can feel focused and calm.

Even joyful. πŸ˜€



And you’ll be much less likely to get tense and anxious.

Which means that your horse will be happier and more relaxed too. πŸ’—πŸ΄

Which helps YOU stay even more relaxed and happy.  Now that’s a virtuous cycle!



πŸ’₯You have the innate ability to feel athletic, focused and yes, resourceful. πŸ’₯ 

And I’d love to share movement and mindset solutions to help you unlock this potential. πŸ”‘



Here’s a simple step you can take right now to start developing your resourcefulness:


πŸ’₯The short video at the top of this post will show you an easy way to release your anxiety.πŸ’₯


Thank you for reading and sharing! ❀


Xo, Mary

Movement & Mindset Coach


PS: To my skimmers: You don’t need confidence! You need the movement & mindset skills to handle whatever challenges come up with your horse. I’m happy to help you develop them.

PPS: Please email me and let me know how the video helped you. The technique works in different situations, not just related to horses. I’d love to hear how it helped you reduce your stress and anxiety. Thank you! πŸ’—