15-year-old Poodle Gets Revitalized

dogs poodle senior dogs May 07, 2021

I absolutely love and appreciate getting messages such as this one. ❤🙏❤

Syeeda's 15-year-old miniature poodle, Sophie, was having great difficulty. She wasn't eating and her mobility and stability were very compromised. She was getting weaker and weaker. Syeeda feared the end was very near.

She bought my book, "Grow Young with Your Dog" and immediately applied the gentle hands-on "moves" from the book to help Sophie. 

Syeeda decided to do the relaxing "moves" with Sophie to help encourage her to eat. Any improvement in mobility and stability would be a bonus.  

I've had several exchanges with Syeeda and her dog's appetite, movement, stability and vitality increased after she started doing the gentle, hands-on moves she learned from "Grow Young with Your Dog."  

Here's Syeeda's first message to me. 

"Dear Mary,  

 In early October, my 15 yr old min. poodle was on her last legs, she had stopped eating and was just skin and bone. Meds at that point were not doing much and without eating Sophie was getting weaker and weaker. 

By accident I read about your book ("Grow Young with Your Dog") and immediately ordered it from Amazon but was not sure it would arrive in time.

It did - I held her to the food dish with one hand and with the other did very very gentle circles and slowly touching the length of her spine - she ate, I was amazed and continued the pattern for a few weeks slowly putting weight back on so her meds kicked in.

I still often do the same touching while she is eating - it seems to be a great comfort to her.  We go for short walks and at home she gets into mischief - poodles have a thing about tissue paper so when things go quiet I often find her standing on her hind legs trying to reach a tissue that I have left lying on my bedside table and chews it into a million pieces and wags her tail when she is caught.

 Not in my wildest dreams did I think she would still be here at Xmas - I am a senior living alone and this is my best gift - a happy aging dog."


Syeeda Din