Easy Shoulders and Elegant Posture - Sneak Peek Video

awareness through movement back pain equestrians feldenkrais feldenkrais method posture riders rolling fists shoulders Aug 15, 2023

Discover Effortless Riding: Exploring the Feldenkrais Method for Equestrians

Today, I'm excited to give you a sneak peek into a lesson from the free FeldenkraisⓇ for Rider series. This particular lesson is packed with benefits that extend beyond just your shoulders and upper back – it's a gateway to unlocking a healthier core and enhancing your overall riding experience. If you haven't registered yet, please sign up here to get the full series of free classes! ðŸ’¥


The Magic of Movement Connections

Have you ever thought about how different parts of your body are interconnected in intricate ways? The Feldenkrais MethodⓇ is a mind-body approach that emphasizes movement re-education and awareness. In this lesson, you'll get a taste of how various movements can influence and improve your riding performance and everyday movements.


Setting the Foundation

To kick off the lesson, we start by lying on our backs with arms outstretched at shoulder height. This simple position encourages us to refine our proprioception, the sense of our body's position and movement. 


Rolling Fists and Arms

With soft fists – closed hands with thumbs inside the fingers – we engage in a fundamental movement pattern: rolling the arms downward and upward. This exercise may remind you of turning your leg in and out. 


Incorporating the Core

A standout feature of this lesson is its ability to teach you how to engage your core in a healthy manner. As you explore the movements, you'll notice how your core engages naturally, offering stability and support.


Head and Pelvis Interaction

Now, let's dive deeper. We introduce head and pelvis movements to the mix. Lifting the head as we roll the arms downward and lifting the pelvis as we roll the arms upward. These combinations reveal fascinating connections between different body segments, fostering improved coordination.


The Benefits of Incongruent Variations

Variation is the spice of learning. It stimulates neuroplasticity so you can create new neural connections. In simple terms, variations help you learn faster and more completely! 😊

A variation may feel slightly more difficult or simply non-habitual. It may be harder to coordinate or not feel as familiar. A variation that we'll explore in this lesson challenges the nervous system by performing movements that might feel incongruent – lifting the head as the arms roll upward and vice versa. This process enhances adaptability and connection within the body.


Hands Behind the Head

An advanced exploration involves placing hands behind the head, interlacing fingers in non-habitual ways, and lifting both the head and pelvis in a seesaw-like motion. This movement uncovers hidden potentials, waking up dormant areas of your body.


Sitting Integration

The lesson extends to a sitting position. With feet flat on the floor and knees bent, we tilt the knees to either side while rolling the arm that corresponds to the direction. This movement is a treasure for riders, helping to refine pelvic control and coordination.


Effortless Carriage and Grace

What makes this lesson truly remarkable is its ability to bestow a feeling of effortless carriage. Through these movements, you learn to achieve a natural, graceful posture without force. The changes transcend riding and impact your daily life, enhancing activities as varied as sitting at your desk or driving your car.


Join the Journey

💥If you're intrigued by the potential this lesson holds, please register here and then mark your calendars for Thursday, August 17, 2023, at 1:00 PM Pacific Time (California time) for a live class. I'll guide you through the full lesson, providing personal coaching and insights. If the timing doesn't work, don't worry – you'll have access to the replay to experience the magic at your convenience. You must sign up to attend live and/or get the replays! ðŸ’¥


Embrace Effortless Riding

The Feldenkrais Method Ⓡ offers a profound pathway to unlocking the potential of your body and mind. By understanding the interconnections within your body, you can enhance your riding experience, develop a healthy core, and move through life with greater ease.

So, whether you're an equestrian enthusiast or simply seeking improved well-being, give the Feldenkrais MethodⓇ a try – and remember, effortless riding starts with understanding your body's innate wisdom.

Thank you for joining me today, and I look forward to our journey of exploration and growth. Bye for now! ❤️🐴