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How a Dog with Spinal Arthritis Became Young Again 

Have you ever wanted to turn back the clock and help your dog feel and move like a younger dog? Learn about a dog who went on to live a healthy, active life despite having severe spinal arthritis. Click here to get NEW free video training!

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Dog Getting Stiff? The Importance of Relieving Your Dog's Back Tension

Want to help your stiff, senior dog feel more flexible? Join Mary Debono as she shares the heartwarming story of a dog with spinal arthritis, who improved her mobility and greatly enhanced her quality of life. Get free video training!  

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Your Hands Have the Power to Help Your Dog

If you’d like a FREE, in-depth training to learn how to use this gentle, effective approach with your dog, please register for my friend Marilyn Mele’s FREE canine summit, featuring 20 top canine experts (including me!). The link to register is in the show notes.

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Develop Intuition with Your Dog

Do you want to know what your dog is feeling? Doyou want to "read" your dog (and others) more clearly? This episode will de-mystify intuition and start you on the path to developing informed intuition so you can help your dog move easier and feel better!

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A Better Story Makes a Better Dog

Are you creating a story about your dog that’s not serving you? Are limiting beliefs impacting your dog training? Do they interfere e with your enjoyment of your dog? Learn how to replace unhelpful beliefs with ones that elevate your life. And your dog’s life.

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3 Easy Ways to Help Your Dog Feel Better Right Now

Learn 3 easy ways to help your dog feel better right away. They’re easy to fit into your day, no matter how busy you are. They can improve your dog’s body awareness, which is important for mobility, balance and coordination. They’ll reduce stress and deepen your bond with your dog.

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How Optimism Can Heal Your Dog

Would you like your dog to heal from physical or behavioral issues? In this episode, you’ll learn how shifting your focus AWAY from the problem can help you make better choices to help your dog recover. This new way of thinking can create more hopeful possibilities for you and your dog.

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Reduce Canine Mobility Problems

Do you have a senior dog? Or do you want to reduce your young dog’s risk of injury? Learn simple steps to reduce your dog ’s chances of having a mobility problem. Start safeguarding your dog ’s health and wellbeing today!

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Are you or your dog dealing with aging, injury, arthritis or anxiety? Do you want more flexibility, balance and confidence?

 Join international Feldenkrais® teacher, NLP Practitioner and bestselling author Mary Debono as she helps you discover easier, more comfortable movement AND a deeper connection with your dog. 

If you’re a dog lover who’d like to learn simple, powerful body/mind strategies to help you and your dog feel more connected, flexible and balanced at any age, this show is for you.


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