Body, Mind and Connection.

Each of these is vital to your success. Yet we know of no other system that improves all three. For you and your dog.


Body awareness, flexibility, coordination and balance. 

You know how important these are. And you've probably tried to improve them. But it was hard work. And the results were disappointing. 

Using the Feldenkrais Method®, Mary will show you how to train the brain to improve you and your dog's physical abilities EFFORTLESSLY.

Regardless of age or condition, comfort, mobility and vitality can often improve. A lot. 





If you're like most people, you have over 60,000 thoughts each day.

And I bet most of your self-talk is critical.

Using cutting-edge neuroscience, Mary will teach you how to reduce your stress, manage your mindset and control your thoughts.

It's a powerful way to improve your confidence in all areas of your life. 

And you'll learn strategies to calm, focus and improve your dog's confidence too!  


There's a dog. There's a human. But when they're in harmony, they create a very special canine-human bond. 

And it feels magical.

With your improved physical abilities (body) and emotional control (mind), you can be more active, present and engaged with your dog.  

And create those experiences that strengthen your unique bond.

Mary will also teach you hands-on techniques that can deepen this special connection with your dog. 

You and your dog deserve to feel great. Together.  

You're a loving, responsible dog person. You want to give your dog the best, healthiest life possible.

And the better YOU feel, the more active, present and engaged you can be with your dog.

So you can share many happy, healthy years.  

An international clinician and best-selling author, I'd love to help you get there. 




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Want greater mobility and vitality for you and your dog?

Comfort, ease of movement and confidence can often improve regardless of age or physical condition. 

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