Body, Mind and Connection.

Each of these is vital to your success. Yet we know of no other system that improves all three. For you and your horse.


Body awareness, flexibility, coordination and balance. 

You know how important these are. And you've probably tried to improve them. But it was hard work. And the results were disappointing. 

Using the Feldenkrais Method®, Mary will show you how to rewire your brain to improve your physical abilities EFFORTLESSLY.

Regardless of age or condition, your position, comfort and balance can improve. A lot. 


If you're like most people, you have about 60,000 thoughts each day.

And I bet most of your self-talk is negative!

Using cutting-edge neuroscience, Mary will teach you how to reduce your stress, manage your mindset and control your thoughts.

It's a powerful way to improve your confidence and competence.

Let's get your brain working FOR you!   


Horse. Human. They're two separate beings.

But when you and your horse are in harmony, you create an incredibly special and powerful horse-human system.

And it feels magical.

With your improved physical abilities (body) and emotional control (mind), you're poised to create this deep, heartfelt connection with your horse. 

It's the stuff dreams are made of. 

"Mary has taught me that I don’t have to endure any pain, that it is possible to be active, athletic and not have back pain! I could not recommend Mary more highly. She has changed my life! "

Kate Shuster
USDF Gold Medalist and dressage judge

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Are you tense or unbalanced in the saddle? Have tight hips or another challenge you're struggling with? Grab a free, 20-minute personal session. Mary will share her expert knowledge and 30+ years of experience with you. The session is UNMOUNTED.

I know you.

Your horse is your partner, not your slave. And your decisions reflect that belief.

So when you discover that your stiffness, incorrect position or anxiety make riding unpleasant for your horse, you take action.

You decide to become more flexible, balanced, skillful and confident.

And you want to learn simple, gentle techniques that help your horse move easier and feel better too. 

So that riding feels good to you and your horse. 

An international clinician and best-selling author, I've been helping equestrians achieve that level of connection for over 25 years.

I'd love to help you get there too.



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"I just wanted to let you know that I rode yesterday and it was fantastic! I could smoothly trot and canter, since my balance was there again. You are really amazing!"

Kristiina Lehtonen
Rider and instructor, Finland

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