✔ I'll move slowly, gently and avoid discomfort. 

✔ I realize that the lessons/exercises in this program are not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. 

✔ I agree to the Terms of this website. (See link at bottom of this page.)    

Develop a Healthy Core: An Online Workshop for Riders

Confused about your core? Want a strong core without doing mindless planks or crunches?

Learn how to engage your core muscles in an easy, healthy way that can improve your coordination, vitality and posture. A must for anyone who wants to move well and feel better. A game-changer for equestrians.   

You'll learn:

✔  14 unmounted exercises that promote HEALTHY core use 

✔  Why it's NOT a good idea to tighten your core all the time

✔  Exercises that can help you feel balanced, secure and connected with your horse 

✔  How to become strong and flexible in just minutes a day!


🤸‍♀️ No Risk! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back* 

💥LIMITED TIME BONUS: You'll get support and community in our private Facebook group. Mary Debono will personally answer your questions and support you through the program. This is a high-value bonus! 💥   

There are 14 exercises in the program (12 audio and 2 video, plus 4 video talks). You'll get useful pdf downloads too.   

You'll have LIFETIME access to the course. All future upgrades are included too. Woo hoo!  

 ALL for only $117! 

 Questions? Email [email protected].

🐴 "I've been helping improve the performance and partnership of horses and riders for 30 years. I'd love to help you too!" - Mary Debono, international clinician, Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner and award-winning, best-selling author.  


*If you complete the exercises in the program and don't feel an improvement in your ability to use your core, we'll refund your money if you contact us within 30 days after purchase. A handy lesson tracker is included so you can keep notes on your progress. I can't wait to see you in the group! 😊

Questions? Email [email protected].



What People Are Saying:

I finished the Develop a Healthy Core for Riders course and it was amazing. Transformational!

Kate Shuster, USDF gold medalist

OMG almost want to say life changing! Thank you so much, Mary! Had a breakthrough that has taken 12.5 years...finally getting my horse to do collected canters...a lot of this has to do with me being able to move my femur heads while riding. What a concept(!). I'm 64. Taken me 64 years to figure this out...I truly think that this course helped me w/ this particular part of my journey! Wow!"

Ingrid Edisen

I finished the course today. Thank you so much, Mary Debono! I learned many new exercises. The Sacral Clock -- that was a great, challenging new exercise for me. 'Connecting to your Power' was a powerful lesson! - very moving!

Kerstin Rudolph