Age-Proofing Your Dog (Video Program)

When you purchase this video program, you'll be helping your dog enjoy a healthy, vibrant life.   

You'll learn how to help your dog:  

  • Move easier despite arthritis, aging or other challenges
  • Heal completely from injuries or surgery
  • Deepen your bond 
  • Feel younger at any age

You'll also:

  • Learn how to read canine body language
  • Get easy exercises to help YOU move easier and feel younger too!


What People Are Saying:

There are many amazing things about Mary’s teaching. I learned that a dog’s inability to verbally communicate was not a limitation if I simply opened myself up to being present, attentive and listening. Mary taught us how to increase relaxation and well-being by working with the breath and gently exploring the ribs. This is so beneficial for both the human and the dog and is necessary for the release of pain. Perhaps the most profound skill I learned was how to effectively communicate—nervous system to nervous system—with dogs!

Joy Ambro, PT, GCFP

Age-Proofing your dog is full of valuable information, demonstrations, and experiential opportunities. Mary has a superb ability to communicate her mindful approach in an enjoyable way.

Allison Falls, dog groomer and GCFP

Mary is a delightful, compassionate and entertaining teacher. You might watch her video training to learn how to help your dog, and you certainly will.... but you may be surprised to find these techniques will benefit you in ways you did not expect!

Linda Rulli, GCFP

Age-Proofing Your Dog is a clear and organized course, and Mary is an engaging teacher. It was helpful to hear how she applies the Feldenkrais Method® to dogs that had a variety of physical and behavioral challenges. I highly recommend this program to others interested in helping improve dogs’ lives!

John Horne, PT, GCFP