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✔ I won't do movements that cause me pain or discomfort.

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Body Awareness for Riders: 5 Days to Effortless Movement

When you have lifetime access to these five gentle, effective body awareness exercises, you can KEEP improving.     

What you'll get:

✔ A happier, more flexible spine

✔ The ability to follow your horse

✔ Improved posture and lighter, quieter hands

✔ A more balanced seat - healthier for you AND your horse  

✔ Relaxation and coordination so your body does what you want it to!

You'll get all five body awareness exercise videos and the five talks that Mary gave. You'll ALSO get a PDF with helpful tips and resources so you can improve even more!    

What People Are Saying:

As an older rider with an older horse there are lots of habitual movement patterns that interfere with fluidity. When Mary breaks things down into small pieces new insight is possible as well as physical growth. These videos are SO helpful! Thank you, Mary!

Cris Becker, M.D.

Wow! I've always been challenged by body awareness. I've been unable to change the weight in my seat bones. The first exercise - turning in the chair - all my weight was in my right seat bone. By the end of the session, I could shift my weight to either seat bone, turning either way. This is huge for me! Thanks so much!!

Paddy Argenzio

I did a video in the barn aisle just before I rode. I had a great ride. I felt so solid in my seat and my horse finally gave me her back. I had the best sitting trot I’ve had in a very long time.

Lisa Gorsuch, M.D.

That was really cool!! I know I am not aware of what my body does or how it moves so to focus on feeling the things you describe was fascinating to me. I love your explanations!! Thank you!!

Jane Williamson

My neck has been so stiff for years, but now my neck movements along with my shoulders are much more fluid! Thank you Mary!

Kate Gardner Tyner

I always feel better for the rest of the day if I do one of these videos. Going to be a morning ritual!

Barbara Wilson