Don't Overlook This if You Want a Sound Horse

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Easier Movement, Happier Horses

You want your horse to enjoy a lifetime of sound, athletic movement.  But you're probably overlooking the one thing that can help your horse enjoy sound, healthy movement.

In this episode, you'll learn why it's ESSENTIAL to pay attention to how your horse coordinates his movement,  rather than focusing on the individual joints, muscles, etc.

Coordination is the key to healthy and balanced movement. It can reduce the risk of injury, allow strained parts to heal and  restore freer, more youthful movement. It even affects your horse's emotional state!     

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Important safety reminder: Riding and handling horses are potentially dangerous activities. If you feel anxiety or fear, it may be warranted! Please don't do anything that can put you in danger. Educate yourself and seek the guidance of a qualified, positive trainer or medical professional as necessary. The information in this podcast is for general education/entertainment purposes only and is never intended as professional or medical advice.